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Subverted during the episode "Rendevous at Major Gulch"; at one particular issue, the digital camera remains fixated down below the shoulders from the evil mob manager stroking his white fluffy cat as he goes above his decide to offer with the do-gooder protagonist. Appropriate just before chopping to industrial, he ducks into frame to deliver his ultimate line.

The toy went out of its strategy to Perform it up, far too. The packaging exclusively lined his confront with an indication, informing potential consumers which they would need to buy the package to discover what he looked like.

Played with During this Emergency Exit strip. Kyran intentionally employs particularly dim lights to produce a sinister ambiance for his guest. The visitor, however, would truly alternatively just have some lights on.

Discworld - Skazz, a university student from the Unseen University has prolonged hair that covers all of his confront but his nose's suggestion.

King from Tekken, a Masked Luchador. During the intro of the first sport he is revealed donning his mask with his head offscreen.

The massive Terrible of the sequel collection The Legend of Korra, Amon, keeps his experience concealed guiding a mask. He promises his confront was ruined by a similar Firebender who killed his family; only time will notify no matter if This is certainly real.

Dumb Donald's confront in Extra fat Albert as well as the Cosby Little ones is usually hidden powering a pink stocking cap with eyeholes Minimize into it. The 2004 Stay-action movie Variation (During which the series' main characters are sucked from The tv and into the true present day earth) performs close to with/lampshades his insufficient facial attributes, as Donald inevitably "gains" a experience once the lengthy stay in the true planet starts to remodel the animated people into "actual" people today and unmasks.

Mandalore, in precisely the same video game series, can be a subversion in the trope; as Canderous Ordo, the character is really a member of your celebration in the 1st game and tends to make no effort to conceal his name or facial area.

But everybody is a lot more concerned about why she by no means reveals her confront: would she be unpleasant? Would she be a man...? And, not satisfied with making The full region be concerned about this make any difference, right after decades of teasing they make this, where you can see her face really briefly for some seconds. Just isn't it cruel?

Also the god Ardav, who's a bland sexless humanoid who can't be remembered other than for a faceless mannikin.

Nevertheless the writers (of the actual present) identified this far too restricting right after some time and started utilizing Alan Brady in scenes, only with his experience generally pointing away from the camera. At some point this was finished away with much too, as well as the audiences bought to frequently see Alan Brady and scenes from The Alan Brady Exhibit.

Afterwards, Cora stops Anastasia from leaving the castle for her sweetheart by providing the Lady a glimpse within the wagon exactly where Will is nowhere in sight. She manipulates a heartbroken Anastasia into believing all hope of regaining Will's have faith in and love is for good lost, and that her location can be a Queen. Finally, Cora teaches her the way to conjure hearth by channeling all of the unworthiness she feels as someone into ability, to which Anastasia effectively makes use of magic. Online video video games

Darth Nihilus in the sport Knights on here the Outdated Republic II, whose facial area is obscured amd who speaks only within an incomprehensible number of tones. In a partial subversion of your trope, Nihilus is unmasked immediately after his Demise, but his identification just isn't unveiled to your player; depending on how the game is played, he is described both as "Merely a man, nothing much more", or a thing aong the strains of "infinite darkness" prior to his entire body inexplicably disintegrates. The 1 who observed his human body was his blind apprentice who "observed" check here points through the Drive.

There are numerous motives for composing a faceless character, according to their role inside the plot. For a recurring character, hiding their experience lends an check here air of ambiguity for the character as well as their motives.

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